You’re Not Doing Marketing Right!

What is marketing? Is it selling? Advertising? Promoting? People outside of marketing may not know the answer, but we marketers know it is a conversation. A two way dialogue between your company and the customer. Marketing offers a platform of trust, and ABM not only evolves the role of marketing, but better reflects the customer’s needs through stronger alignment with sales objectives.

Account-based marketing is about more than just selling your features, benefits, pricing, and unique value. And while much of the conversation surrounding ABM is focused on the targeting, the technology, and the super-happy sales people who are closing deals left and right, ABM is just as dependent on a successful content marketing strategy as all other marketing facets.

Something to delve into further around this topic would be to ask yourself how you can market to accounts correctly. Well, the answer is with content. Great content skips past the advertising and promotional restrictions a relationship may have by offering insightful, engaging, and attractive information. Content marketing + account based marketing will offer the opportunity for your company to inform at all stages of the buying journey, and to the correct audience.

 ABM Guru says: Marrying content with ABM can only lead to a buying journey nirvana. Retaining current customers is far more cost-effective than acquiring new, so re-enlighten them with engaging and fulfilling content while combining your ABM process to their needs.

This blog tells you how to get content marketing and ABM working together, honing in on:

– How to marry content marketing and account based marketing

– Where you are taking your customer on your content-led journey

– Being sure to retain your customers!

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