Where Should You Focus When Running Successful ABM Programs?

Ah the age old question, what is the purpose of ABM, is it demand generation, is it engagement, or is it brand recognition?

In the article link below, Jason Stewart talks eloquently about how you should be using a mix of tactics to run successful ABM programs vs. one of emails or events etc. What he focuses on though is the ‘demand generation’ element. Now, ultimately that is why we are all in the game in the first place, but I’d argue that by using the words ‘demand generation’, we are automatically thinking about gathering business level leads.

 ABM Guru says: Move away from demand generation as a term, everyone in the business knows that this means lead data, so they’ll expect leads. Move the conversation to account engagement.

The successful programs I’ve witnessed capture anonymous (unknown) and known level lead data, then combine them to drive more efficient sales calls. Now that is simplifying ABM programs, but there is a huge amount of preliminary work to do to make sure you have the best chance of ‘engagement’, things like audience analysis (personas), content creation/repurposing, campaign theme creation etc.

Read the source article at Transform Your Demand Generation

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