What’s The Point Of A Lead If You Can’t Turn It Into A Customer?

You have a lead, and that’s great. But what do you now do with it? Stare at it on the screen? Fit it into a crossword? Print it off and turn it into a paper aeroplane? In case you were wondering, you do none of these. You need to turn it into a customer!

There are too many missed opportunities in the gap between acquiring a lead, and then converting it into a profitable account.

This video does well to touch on the digital element of the ABM journey, but is missing a trick. ABM is actually about marrying online and offline tactics relevant to the audience’s consumption habits. For example, if a CIO looks of websites but never clicks, or has an ad blocker, then digital isn’t going to work. Sometimes a piece of direct mail is much more effective.

As another example, you can also target those accounts at events and trade shows. Let’s say you have a relevant whitepaper you want to market to potential customers across several industries. With Account-Based Marketing, you can serve a customised message to each account on your conversion page; all your financial services visitors will see a message tailored to their industry, while everyone in the legal sector will see a CTA that aligns with their pain points.

You can even have the capability of having your messages show up across millions of sites, but only to specific, and relevant decision makers.

 ABM Guru says: Leads without plans are useless. ABM can provide a process to transform those leads into opportunities. But don’t rest on your digital laurels, offline is just as important as online.

This quick video touches on:

– How marketing investments can develop into revenue.

– How targeted your targeting can become.

– Align sales and marketing accounts, and control marketing budgets across the entire funnel.

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