Marketing Without A Message

I know ABM is all the rave but let’s take a step back for a second and just think about the whole concept of marketing. In years gone by, marketers would create amazing campaigns that really stuck in the memory, in fact, in years gone by famous movie directors would create commercials. Who is old enough to remember when Ridley Scott created the Apple Macintosh 1984 advert which was premiered at the Superbowl? It cost $900K and shows how good it is if we (basically just me) are still talking about it today. So, what’s my point? Imagine, if they...
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ABM and AI – A reality check

2017 predictions: Why artificial intelligence will blow account-based marketing out of the water   First of all, apologies for going back to a prediction piece! We’re already almost halfway through 2017 – and it’s around this sort of time of the year that I like to go back and take a look at what’s been predicted, and what’s come to be. I ended up reading this piece by Peter Isaacson on how artificial intelligence will massively impact the ABM world, and it got me thinking, ‘Really?’ The heading “Next year, AI will bring hyper-personalized ABM to scale” which got to...
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AI and ABM – The Perfect Pairing

At its core, ABM is fine tuning your accounts like they’re a rare Italian motorbike. A lead generating, rare Italian motorbike. Understanding the unique needs of your bike, in detail, ensures the best performance and indeed the best customer experience. Once you make the move from manual tools (old marketing techniques), to power tools (ABM marketing technology) there is no turning back. So get ready for the ride of your life once you add robot mechanics to the mix! Robot mechanics, in this instance, being Artificial Intelligence (AI). We’re used to the vicious cycle in which efficient marketing automation lacks personability...
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