How to optimise your sales team for Account Based Selling

The B2B sales process is increasingly complex. So it’s no wonder that a huge percentage of companies are making the move from lead-based to account-based sales.

As the average number of decision makers in an enterprise organisation is now above 5 people, it makes sense for companies to maximise investment when pursuing a client.

However, the logistics of account based sales are different to the strategies of old. Entrepreneur uses this article to discuss how to go about this change and the pros and cons which could arise.

The points covered include:

  • Standards to set yourself
  • Lead-scoring systems
  • Working with your Sales Team to develop customised messaging
  • Coordinating with your Sales Team
  • Reassessing your goals

The main bulk of this article is completely correct – particularly their points about reassessing your goals. However, there are aspects which need tweaking.

ABM Guru says: Please stop using the word ‘lead scoring’, we understand it means ‘account’ or at least hope it does but the biggest issue to getting a sales team to account based is to start looking at ‘account score/engagement’ rather than leads. You need to educate and help your sales team to understand both account level insights at a lead and anonymous activity (even though they might be uncomfortable with anonymous).

Read the full article here

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