Let’s Use Anything Other Than Account Based Marketing, Enter Account Based Everything

Having a business-wide discipline like account based marketing finish with the term ‘marketing’ can be misleading, it makes one think that it is the marketing department’s issue. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Account Based Marketing is a business-wide discipline and so needs to be thought of accordingly. Enter Engagio, they’ve been coining the phrase Account Based Everything for a while.Whether it’s account based everything or account based approach, it’s clear that the language changes the mentality.

Engagio say: “Marketing alone is insufficient for account-based success. According to research firm TOPO, Account Based Marketing professionals are currently only getting 15-20% penetration into target accounts. There’s a limit to how deeply you can connect with target accounts using only marketing channels such as ABM advertising, direct mail, and nurturing. Sometimes, you need a 1:1 human connection – and that’s the realm of Sales and Sales Development.”

 ABM Guru says: This is all a language change, though the bigger issue is the cultural shift in an organisation, and if it helps to call ABM account based everything, then do it.

Everything has to be in harmony, from business direction and focusing on a list of accounts, to marketing building strategies, engagement through to sales, and having customised plays to land and expand.

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