If you’re new to ABM, it may not be the worst thing in the world. The advantage of integrating an ABM model into your business so late in the day can help you to avoid the mistakes already made by previous decision makers.

ABM is a hot topic, which means there is a huge amount of content out there. But with this plethora of information, the drawback can be that some of the information is just hype, or false entirely, making people lose their way and make wrong decisions.

This article alludes to those who launch an ABM process, but do not have enough content to back it up. This mistake can cause gaps in the target’s journey, thus resulting in them slipping away into the hands of a competitor.

What the article doesn’t cover is that not all content needs to be written from scratch, and in such a hurry. This can lead to poorly written, weak, and in some cases, incorrect information in articles and blog posts. If you happen to have a small amount of content not able to fulfil a customer’s journey, then repurpose what is already in circulation. Adding your thought leadership to a piece of content, and packaging it into a journey which suits the customer, is a great way to keep the account engaged.

 ABM Guru Says: repurposing content with your own wisdom is not spam, nor cheating. It is you taking a comprehensive angle into what is missing or needs to be added to an already established article. It also gives you the opportunity to personalise the content to your particular audience.

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