Is Sales From Mars, And Marketing From Venus? They Don’t Have To Be!

So sales and marketing, a bit like women are from Venus and men from Mars, right? Well, we don’t think that’s the case anymore. However, there are still exceptions to the rule.

How many times have I been in a messaging or persona workshop and someone has made a jibe at marketing with something like, ‘creating more fluffy clouds right?’ Well marketers, strap yourselves in because those days are over, or at the very least, you’ll be driving the conversation a lot more.

Thankfully, more ballsy marketers who aren’t afraid of sales and its traditions, are coming out of the woodwork. The days of sales-led gut feel account lists saying, ‘I sold to a finance company last week so I think every finance company will want to buy’, are over.

With data, you are now easily able to show the sales team which of their accounts are active around the subjects you care about, OR build them a brand new account list. In most cases, intent data is used to power these types of discussions.

 ABM guru says: Don’t waste everyone’s time with ‘gut-feeling’. Run potential leads through an intent engine to see what they’re actually looking for. Stop guessing and start doing.

As the market evolves, both Bombora and other intent data providers are diversifying. What you also have are predictive analytics platforms which take intent data and 3rd party data alongside your own 1st party data to build models of companies that are more likely to respond.

The point is, data is here to stay and it gives marketing and sales something to work together on to make the entire business much more profitable.


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