Is ABM The Next New Fad?

Unlike our brothers and sisters in consumer marketing, we’re so starved of tech that we B2B marketers will get excited about anything new. When ABM came along, it was a great excuse to look at all the new tech solutions we could buy.

But, is ABM more than the tech you buy?

The ABM Leadership Alliance recently published a report which looked at the critical data points from real marketers using ABM. It makes for some pretty interesting reading; most companies that are at the start of their ABM journey focus on the low hanging fruit, and use that dirty old cliché ‘land and expand’. In other words, they focus on their existing customers. Personally, I think that’s a really bad idea. Why would you test a new chat up line on someone you really like? Surely you’d try it out on the unsuspecting public before going after someone you really like, right??

Particularly interesting were the insights around how marketers measure ABM success and, shock-horror, it’s still pipeline. I think the ABM Leadership Alliance (otherwise known as Demandbase) have made a mistake there; the question isn’t which one metric is important, but which set of metrics are important. At each stage of an ABM marketing campaign, there should be different measures to judge success.

 ABM Guru says: Stop calling it ABM.  It has now become the way we market, and if you’re not embracing that change, you will be left behind.


So click on the link to find out the four main outtakes, which are:

  1. ABM Marketing outperforms traditional marketing.
  2. ABM focuses on customers.
  3. ABM is driving positive organizational change.
  4. Time to value is shorter.

Click on the link to see the original article and find out more around these four areas.

Read the source article at Social Race Media

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