For some, the fundamentals of ABM are not only understood, but are being implemented into a business process. However, this doesn’t mean to say that ABM is entirely understood. This incomplete knowledge of the ABM approach can be detrimental to the success of your customer experiences.

The article confirms four basic principles of ABM:

  1. Target the right accounts
  2. Target the right people within the accounts (otherwise known as personas)
  3. Understand their strategies and priorities as a company, within their organisation, and their personal drivers.
  4. Tune everything we do in our marketing programs and sales approaches to points one, two and three, being as specific and focused as we can to the account.

But after these principles, the writer opens up the floor to questions, one being:

“Isn’t this what we should be seeking to do with 100% of our communications and engagement strategies and everyone we are reaching out to?” he asks.

The answer, of course, is yes. But where one may expect this process to be the status quo for targeting accounts, it has only been recently that we have had the capable technology to correctly fulfil these seemingly simple steps. Prior to the benefits of omnichannel, measurement and analysis, and the collecting personas, we can understand those customer strategies and priorities at such a deeper levels, it is possible to personalise the customer’s journey, not missing any opportunities.

 ABM Guru says: meaningless, irrelevant, unfocused messages clog up your inbox every day. Use the tools technology has provided to fill out the basic principles of ABM you already know.

Read the source article at Partners In EXCELLENCE

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