First Steps Into An ABM Play: The Difference Between ABM & Outbound Sales

Is account-based marketing the same as outbound sales? Well in short, no. Outbound sales is a tactic used at the sharp end of an account based marketing program to deliver the sales. As Craig Rosenberg accurately puts it, ‘one meeting with an account is just the beginning – not the end – of an account-based marketing program’.

If we only use outbound sales as an account based approach, we’re on a highway to nothing. Being objective, I’d ask questions like:

–          How was that account list created? What intelligence went into it? Was it just Fortune 50? If so, how many other companies do you think are going after them, and how evolved do you think their approach is?

–         Does this account know anything about you already? Have you done anything to pique their interest?

–          How are you working with marketing to deliver personalised messaging to your target audience?

–          Who do you think the decision maker is and how engaged are you within the DMU?

An account based approach is now much more than simply building a list and creating a specific plan for each. It’s about using the different technology available to target accounts on scale, giving you direction on who to focus those key 1:1 relationships with.

However, this can take time. Start small and work your way up, using a basic four step approach to creating an account based marketing program:

 ABM guru says: This is a good first step into ABM, but slightly more relevant when your ‘account list’ is a handful of accounts rather than many. It’s exactly that though, a first soiree

  1. ABM requires a truly coordinated effort between sales, sales development, marketing, and executive staff.
  2. ABM requires deep account profiling shared between internal account stakeholders.
  3. Marketing runs a steady mix of campaigns into ABM accounts.
  4. Marketing creates customised, account-specific programs.

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