The term ABM is not a new one, but with the explosion of MarTech platforms it can now be enforced at scale. This jump has left a lot of confusion about what exactly ABM is, which MarTech platforms are right for what and how to activate. In fact, in the wake of this misunderstanding, many companies are focusing entirely on activation and completely forgetting the vital importance of strategy. Unsurprisingly, without this key step, the results end up poor and ABM gets the blame in its entirety. ABM Guru is here to help marketers to access news and resources without having to sift through the plethora of content, ensuring you have a clear outlook on ABM and the tools you need to use it proficiently.

As leaders in the B2B Marketing space, Transmission are at the forefront of the most pioneering techniques and strategies, meaning that ABM is a huge part of what we do. Naturally, we have seen a lot of content surrounding ABM and felt it was high time someone gave a roadmap to all marketers who are looking for facts and an expert opinion. We’ve brought together the real superstars of ABM to form our Expert Voices, ensuring the opinions on here are from multiple specialists.

Marketing doesn’t stand still and neither does ABM Guru. Keeping up with this ever-changing landscape is difficult, so we will be offering the newest insights in the world of ABM and our expert voices will be answering all of your hotly contested questions.


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Expert Voices

President, Americas, Transmission

Co-Founder, Bombora

CEO, Buyer Persona Institute

CEO, Engagio

CMO, Demandbase