Email Doesn’t Have To Be The Only Way To Get Personal

It is important not to forget that Account Based Marketing can be 1, 10, 100, or even 1000 accounts. The key to producing the most productive relationship with a customer and the journey you send them on, is to treat all of these accounts with the same amount of care. By maintaining this mentality, the idea of having this multitude of accounts flowing through your ABM process is a far less daunting prospect.

This article discusses the way in which you can push content to customers through email, but misses out on explaining how the communication avenues do not just end there:

  • Personalisation – create content which speaks to a specific number of your accounts. This will mean that although you may only push this content onto your social feeds, it will be so tuned in to what a collection of your readers are looking for, they’ll come after this piece off their own bat.
  • Site personalisation – personalise your landing pages which speak to the visiting account. This can be done by displaying custom copy, images, offers, and forms depending on their specific needs.
  • Create sales territories – rather than build territories based on balancing responsibility across the team, assign them based on the likelihood of closing a deal. These territories can be decided for reasons such as a past relationship, a key sale in the past with one particular sales person, or a sales person being particularly clued up to a certain industry.
 ABM Guru says: Give the customer a full, personalised experience, making you look informative and knowledgeable across all communication platforms around each customer’s specific needs. This way you won’t need to continuously email them with content – they will come to you.

The article dips into the overarching top level requirements required for a successful ABM process, touching on:

  • Establishing your business priorities
  • Preparing for growth
  • Getting sales and marketing on the same page

Increasing marketing performance by scaling strategy

Read the source article at Artesian

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