Do You Want To Create A Revenue Generating B2B Marketing Strategy?

I went through the process of reading the original article on Business2Community. I always ask myself a couple of questions when reading something like this:

–  Is it interesting? Yes.

–  Is it helpful? To a point.

–  Is it actionable? Probably not, but it’s not a how-to guide.

What I will say about the article is that it’s a good starting point in how to build a marketing strategy. Unfortunately because it’s written by somebody from Bizible, it is slightly (and I mean slightly) biased towards tactics that can be easily attributed, so doesn’t look at the whole picture.

However, Andrew has very eloquently covered:

–          Getting under the skin of your target market, not just who you think it is.

–          Figuring out what makes them tick and looks at the entire decision making unit, namely, building out personas.

–          If possible, building out the supporting data on the stakeholders and the accounts.

–          Ensuring you are using a broad range of tactics to engage with your audience, and linking it back to the personas you built.

–          Having these tactics mapped to the buyer journey or the funnel.

–          Having a plan in place to measure the tactical relevance and importance.

–          Being creative in your executions Data and insight only take you half the way, the messaging will create engaging and memorable brand experiences.

The one part I think Andrew perhaps misses the point on are the tactics. In actual fact, every tactic is relevant at every part of the buying cycle. The difference is in how you are using it. For example, a user may well consume some information about your solution on a competitor brand and then search for related companies. If they haven’t visited your site or become a lead, are we saying we wouldn’t use PPC? I think the below visual simplifies things a bit too much, but as I stated earlier, a great starting mark in the discussion.

 ABM Guru says: Don’t ever forget creativity in your campaigns. Never use the sentence ‘this idea is too consumery’. Be bold and be creative, it’s the only way you’ll standout from the noise.

Read the source article at Business 2 Community

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