Account-Based Marketing Budget Approval [And How To Get It]

ABM is not an overnight win. It is a slow burner which reaps the rewards over time. Though, the trouble with this slow turnaround is that it can make it difficult to have budget assigned to the ABM transition. Sceptical bosses may feel as though the ABM journey will not form the results outlined at its inception, and those more impatient managers could pull budget entirely after seeing a lack of early results. This warrants the question: how do you retain budget for ABM?

Although this article discusses experimenting with the budget you have, reallocating budget, and integrating budget, it does not quite go into how to retain your budget during the transitional period.

A way to overcome this potential showstopper is to build out an ABM roadmap. This is something you would be expected to formulate when presenting the idea of an ABM business from the outset. The great thing about a roadmap, is that you can always refer back to it along the transitional process. This shows that you are in line with your process, as predicted in your proposal. This will put your boss’ fears at rest, and also keep the purse strings loose. Reference points visualise targets, and if you are meeting them, it is wise to talk about it to those who matter.

 ABM Guru says: justify, justify, justify. In order to keep budget holders on your side, transparency here is key. As long as your ABM transition is on schedule and reflects the proposed roadmap, there is no reason that you will be able to show ROI in the near future.

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