ABM Strategy, It’s Easy As 1-2-3

ABM, ABM, ABM is all we’ve been hearing at the moment. But it finally feels as though 2016 has seen B2B marketers strategising it into their business. However, this doesn’t mean to say the implementation, execution, measurement, and enablement of the process is anywhere near ironed out. As companies embrace the change to an ABM approach, they are reaching out for advice on best practices on how to do so, but are clouded by all the noise in the space.

There are a lot of red herrings out there which confuse ABM’s definition, benefit, and even capabilities. So let’s strip it back and establish what the essentials actually are. It boils down to:

Identify. Using what you already have is a key weapon in your arsenal, so be sure to take advantage of the account list your sales team is already working with. This includes target account lists already at your disposal.

Market. Consider the methods which would best suit your target audience. Is it events, exclusive advertising, or website personalisation? What are you strengths here?

Measure. You need to address how it went. This can be answered by: measuring opportunities gained, pipeline, upsell and retention, and many more metrics.

 ABM guru says: keep it simple. When starting your ABM transition, don’t fret with too much jargon or heavy-load implementation. Get a simple process going, and then build on those foundations.


Click below for the infographic, which helps you to take a simplistic approach to a potentially daunting evolution, highlighting these key takeaways:

– Evidence of ABM’s growing traction

– Top 5 benefits of ABM as cited by account-based marketers

– 3 key steps to building an ABM strategy

<“https://www.demandbase.com/b2b-marketing-blog/infographic-the-account-based-marketing-checklist/?utm_content=bufferaa7bb&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer&utm_campaign=ea&utm_medium=social&utm_source=vs”>Read the source article at Demandbase

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