Is ABM complicated? This is the question posed by this article, and a fair one at that. ABM can be deployed and utilised at multiple levels, so comparing the complication of one account platform, to a 1000 account platform is a tricky thing to compare. Nevertheless, to prevent the fear of a complicated process, at any level, it’s important to go back to basics. Here are my three top tips not mentioned in the article to further help you along your ABM journey:

Talk to other marketers – ABM is taking the marketing world by storm. This means that you will certainly not be the only one going through the adoption process, probably similarly tearing their hair out at the pain points of this new process. A problem shared is a problem solved.

Start small, but don’t hold back on distribution – It’s good to begin at a manageable level, and only go for the number of accounts you feel are feasible. But this does not mean you should cut out tactics. Put simply, your customers consume information across a myriad of channels and sources, so by limiting your strategy to only one or two sources, you potentially miss out on them.

Everyone should report similarly – If everybody’s reporting process is aligned, at every stage of the ABM process, collaboration will improve.

ABM Guru says: there is no need to throw the kitchen sink at the start of your ABM transition. Deliberate, take advice, strategize, and then implement.

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